Comments From a Sourdough Viewer

Mr. Perry….my interest in Sourdough has been kind of a joke at my house for a while now…”you want to watch Sourdough again?”….groans from the the kids and Jenny…but it was great to find your website and to realize that somebody connected to that movie really does exist. Thank you!!
It’s one of the good ones…and a really happy accident for me to have randomly picked it up at the “video store” so many years ago. Good to find you…I’ll bookmark your blog and check in from time to time…maybe order some books if I have a chance. Thanks for making that movie….

Peter Rorvig

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Captain Jack McQuesten, Father of the Yukon by James A. McQuiston

“Father of the Yukon,” “Father of Alaska,” “Father of the Country,” “Guardian Angel of the Miners,” “Golden Rule Jack” were his common nicknames. Even the most casual reader of Alaska history cannot but be familiar with the name Jack McQuesten.

Comb the literature of Yukon Territory and Alaska as you might, and you will find not a single disparaging word about McQuesten. No one in the North was so admired and praised during the last quarter of the 1800s. More than any other single person, this man prepared the way for the opening of the 320,000-square-mileYukon Basin and the settlement of more than half of Yukon Territory and Alaska, for the great Klondike gold stampede which Jack McQuesten ushered in was the wellspring of the blockbuster discoveries at Nome, Fairbanks, and Iditarod as well as almost all of the smaller strikes of the gold rush era.

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