From the Ranks of the Ready

This continues yesterday’s post discussing make-up of the field for the first Iditarod, which was the greatest assemblage of wilderness trailsmen the race has ever seen.

The first Iditarod Race was run on such short notice that not only was there no time for the call to go out beyond Alaska’s borders, but there was no time for those Alaskans to gather dogs and gear and get themselves ready if they were not already pretty well prepped. So, as previously stated, the race founders drew their field from not only the only ones available, but the best ones available for such a barely-organized, wild plunge into the unknown: they drew from the ranks of the ready.

The successful running of the first Iditarod Race and the stories that came in off of the trail lit such a fire in the souls of so many, however, that already by the second year people began to enter the field from many more walks of life than those of the quintessential Alaskans who blazed trail.

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