The Greatest Iditarod Race Snow Storm of All Time

Taking in reports coming in off the 2012 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race of the mushers pushing through the remote country between the Kuskoquim and Yukon Rivers brings back memories of what occurred there in 1973 on the trailblazing Iditarod.

Probably the greatest snow storm to ever hit the Iditarod Race dumped at least three or more feet of soft, new snow. Winds drifted it to common depths of five to seven feet and some drifts were far deeper. And all lay atop the already deep winter accumulation.

The trail of the U. S. Army, which had gone through earlier breaking out the route, was so obliterated behind them that, for most of the way between Ophir and Ruby, the effect was as if the military had never been there at all. It would be up to the four remaining civilian snowmachiners (of the five which started) to push a trail through for the teams. If they could. Gordon Fowler, sportswriter for the Anchorage Times wrote, By Wednesday, the five leaders were moving together and taking turns breaking trail in places where drifts were reportedly some twenty-five feet deep.

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