Freaked by Joseph

Karen, my ever-alert bride, became aware last summer of a nativity scene up for grabs. Upon bringing the molded figures home, for lack of room elsewhere I put them in my johnboat parked in the driveway. Then about October we moved the boat to its winter resting place which happens to be just outside the window behind my computer screen.


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Fabian’s World

Fabian Carey died in 1975.  The year following his passing, I lived in the cabin shown in the photo. Part of the agreement with Fabian’s widow Mary, was that I take down the old cache, which had become worm-eaten and teetery. In the cache were thesled dog tug lines shown in the photo. Being sentimental and a dog man, I just couldn’t throw them away.  They were too symbolic.

I carried these lines with me by dog team when I came out of Lake Minchumina in January of 1977to reach the highway system to run that year’s Iditarod. It was an 18-day expedition by compass, axe and snowshoe ahead of my dog team.

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