Hospital Moose

“Yea, well, Officer, or whatever you are, just look at it out there. It’s easy for you to get on your high horse and start issuing your big-shot “beat it” ultimatums. I don’t see you walking around out there in the deep snow in your birthday suit searching for chow! Here you are in here where it’s warm and by appearances, you don’t look to me like you’ve been missing too many meals. Now here you go trying to give one of your fellow Alaskan’s the bum’s rush.

“You don’t think I came in here to be treated for bulimia or I’m anorexic, do ya? No, you can bet those flat-footed treaders of yours it’s not because I’ve been turning down nourishment that I got this way. Before you came shuffling along to give me grief, I was hoping maybe if Emergency checked my condition they could treat me for starvation with a couple of squares. Or at least a coffee and.

“Speaking of a coffee and, I’ll bet you aren’t even a real donut cop!”


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