Are We, Too, Sleeping?

Oh, little town of Bethlehem, looks like another silent night    Above your deep and dreamless sleep shines an everlasting light    For the King has left His throne to sleep in a manger tonight.

What have you missed while sleeping, for our God became a man    Into your world while angels sing, Bethlehem you’ll go down in history     A town with no room for its King, while sleeping, while you were sleeping.

Oh, little town of Jerusalem, looks like another silent night    The Father gave His only son, the Way, the Truth, the Life had come    But there was no room for the One in the world He came to save.

Jerusalem, missed while sleeping, world’s Savior on your cross today    Jerusalem, you’ll go down, a city with no room for its King, while deaf, blind, and hardened hearts were sleeping, you were sleeping.

America, what’ll we miss while sleeping, will our Jesus come again    Leave us slumbering where we lay, America, will we go down a nation roomless for our King    Sleeping, will we be sleeping? (partial lyrics from the song, While You Were Sleeping, by Casting Crowns)

I wonder as I observe all of the strident atheism and anti-god-rooted political correctness that would remove not only Christ, but even symbolic vestiges and icons related to God’s Son Jesus from our culture, will we go down in U. S. History as the generation that discarded and forgot God?

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