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This blog is for you if—you’re into the Iditarod, interested in Alaska life and thrill to adventure. That’s what Rod’s Blog is mostly about, usually with a liberal dose of humor. And then there’s my cracked side. It goes far beyond everyday humor. Let me warn you—if you were never a big Far Side fan, don’t even go to Zany Side; it starts where Gary Larson left off. Since I see a lot of life through humorous lenses, most of the rest of my blog’s humorous enough to satisfy you well-adjusted readers.

For those into contemplation of deeper matters, light philosophy and things of the soul, I go there, too. My intention is to post every 4-7 days. Want to know more about me?

Check out About Iditarod Pioneer Rod Perry. For even more, go to About the Author.


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A Hunter’s Heart Soul Trails
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Book and Blog Trails
my recommendations
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Zany Side Trail Tricks and Survival
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Serial Got time? Follow Installments
1 Nothing Like a Really Good Dog

2 thoughts on “All About Rod’s Blog

  1. Rod,
    I am really enjoying the blog. It is laid out nicely, easy to navigate, and full of informative and fun facts for the Iditarod and dog mushing enthusiast.

    I will visit it often, and gladly pass it on to friends and colleagues. Thanks for taking the time to start it.


  2. Great Job on the blog, really enjoy it looking forward to seeing you SAT feb 25th at Fred Meyer at your book signing .Hold a book for me :)

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