About Iditarod Pioneer Rod Perry

He’s ridden a wild moose!—and claims they give a smoother ride than a horse. Not once, but twice he has nursed from one’s udder!— the first time through curiosity, the second because of hunger. He eats Eskimo delicacies such as oshok (walrus flipper buried in the frozen ground for a year to ferment.) He’s worked on a moose research project, and climbed part way up Mount McKinley with his dog team.  He’s taken week’s-long, unsupported trips by dog team through trackless, subarctic wilderness where no one monitored his progress, whereabouts or well-being. He competed in the wild-and-crazy, loosely-organized, first Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.


Obviously, he doesn’t fit the stereotype of your typical writer. Can such a free spirit actually sit still long enough and handle a pen well enough to author a book of excellence?


Can he ever! Rod Perry is a storyteller par excellence. Of the thousands of articles written about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race since its inception in 1973, Rod’s two-part piece in Alaska Magazine was the first. The motion picture that he conceived, wrote the original story for, filmed, co directed and co produced, Sourdough, is the most widely viewed feature ever filmed in Alaska. Those who have previewed Volume I of TRAILBREAKERS have given it rave reviews.


Just don’t expect a moose rider to write like some desk-bound, pencil-necked librarian!

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